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I've been literally "playing" the inside of pianos for 25 years now, often people that have never heard it before ask me: What is it; how did I come across this instrument, did I invent it...? Some realize that it is just an upright piano from which the keyboard and "action" (the hammer mechanism) has been removed: thus opened and liberated from it's original construction. Here, following in the steps of Harry Parsh, John Cage and the de-construction concepts of Jack Derrida, I've added my touch. The musical aspirations behind my efforts are a bit revolutionary: since the keys are removed we are freed fromt he 12 tone scale of the western mind (of which piano is the most sophisticated instrument, simlar in sound range as the African cora, the Persian dulcimer or Indian saranghi) "When modes of music change, societies chang along." -Plato The process of taking a piano apart is not so involved, it can be done with a couple of screw drivers, a hammer and some WD-40. Old pianos can usually be found for free. The most difficult part is transporting them. They weigh a ton! But, don't let that discourage you: become a Piano Liberator.

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