Sculptures I - 2008

The Open Piano or "Piano Liberado" by Mauro FF

These assemblage sculptures are made from deconstructed pianos , using only piano parts , wood , strings , hammers , screws. I try to give a second life to these complex and beautiful musical instrument that other wise are destined to the grave yard.
I often remember the first show " Piano liberation " i did awhile back in San Francisco . I was living in the Soma district, in the pre South Park digital mecca days. This was before the dot com came and went around , the Twin Towers still stood , and Americans were not as dislike in the world as they are today.
On that day , after finishing my first piano opening deconstruction , or liberation as it came to be known today , after the piano was taken apart and a pile of its insides was laying in disarray in front of me , a five gallon bucket of white latex paint was dumped from a second story mezzanine onto the liberated piano, covering it in white paint . It was thus canonized : "EL PIANO LIBERADO "

Problems soon arose . All those on the front rows of the audience got splashed and splattered with fresh wet paint. Those who weren't splattered with it stepped on it on the floor, leaving a continuos path of footprints all over the long hallway from my studio to the lobby entrance and to the street. The next day i had to paint the entire hallway floor.
So , few were not too happy with the climax of the show , especially a young lady who studied piano . She was actually a bit upset at the travesty of destroying such a sophisticated and elegant musical instrument. Back then i didn't have the right vocabulary to try and explain the surge that pushed and fueled my creative explorations.
Now , stealing words from that great visionary painter Gustave Moreau: " I also , all that i've sought i have found , in small proportion no doubt, but in forms perfectly pure and flawless, for i have never looked for dreams in reality or for reality in dreams " I have allowed my imagination ffree play and i have not been led astray by it .


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